Shantel & Bucovina Club Soundsystem (DE)

22.06.2024, 21:00 – Rathausplatz

Photo: Shantel

With his international megahit Disko Partizani, Shantel became the audible face of a new music and dance culture worldwide. He was the first to give contemporary pop culture a cosmopolitan sound thanks to his multi-layered family roots. With Shantel, migration is audible and danceable. Musical influences from south-eastern Europe, Greece and the Middle East appear in a new, multi-layered context.
Shantel sees his work as a musician as the creative processing of an ongoing discourse between theory and practice. The results, which can be heard, felt and danced to, are always a product of his very individual approach to music. From the very beginning, his output as a DJ, producer and musician has been caught between traditional and modern, analog and digital.
Shantel & Bucovina Club Soundsystem will offer a performance of Balkan pop, global bass, diaspora beats, Turkish psychadelica and electro to the audience at 3LSF and are guaranteed to get them dancing!