Fanfara Station (IT)

21.06.2024, 18:00 – Rathausplatz

Fanfara Station © Edo Florio Di Grazia

Fanfara Station is an Italian-based trio led by singer and songwriter Marzouk Mejri. The band combines the power of a brass band and electronic music with North African vocals and percussion.
Thanks to the skillful use of loop stations and live overdubbing, the three musicians manage to create the effect of a large brass ensemble and an extensive North African rhythm section. A wide variety of instruments are used, including drums, scascika, tar, bendir, darbuka and tabla as well as trumpet, trombone, clarinet and the three Tunisian woodwind instruments nay, mizued and zocra.
The sound of the brass instruments brings folk and blues accents to an electro-acoustic North African universe of percussion and woodwind instruments and vocals.
Fanfara Station are the winners of the 12th edition of the Andrea Parodi Awards 2019, the most important world music competition in Italy.