La Nefera (CH)

24.06.2023, 18:00 – Rathausplatz

La Nefera © Leon Breiter

Nefertiti was a powerful woman and for La Nefera, she was exactly the right source of inspiration for her stage name. This name stands for one thing above all: power. And La Nefera effortlessly brings this to the stage in her performances, which have already taken her to Mozambique, Palestine, Canada and England.

Cultural richness is the treasure from which the Swiss rapper draws. The artist uses her Dominican roots and creates her new, very own sound from different genres and styles, which can be called Latin Urban Rap. It's a mix of Latin music like cumbia, reggaeton and baile funk, as well as hip-hop, trap, rock, jazz and Afrobeats. The very danceable rhythms are complemented by socio-political lyrics.
However, La Nefera, who was awarded the Basel Pop Prize in 2022, is not alone on stage. Composer and sousaphonist Victor Hege, guitarist Ernesto Herrera and drummer Florian Haas provide powerful sounds that make the audience dance.