Marshall Cooper (D)

23.06.2023, 19:30 – Rathausplatz

Marshall Cooper © Chris Gonz

The band Marshall Cooper describes its own musical style as "Inglorious Nasty Brass". The rocking brass band sound achieves crossing the well-trodden paths to pop, funk, tex-mex, rhythm'n'blues and the soundtracks of legendary indie and exploitation cinema.

With the combination of powerful-trashy drum sound and a tendency to turntablism, Marshall Cooper's compositions embody an impressive rough mix of dashing brass spectacle and the unabashed attitude of legendary rock bands of the 80s and 90s. The band is supported by guest vocals from Katharina Münz. The outcome is predestined: Danceable soul food, spiced-up with virtuosity, ironic lightness and a distinct charismatic taste, which so far does not fit into any genre pot.