Erwin & Edwin (AT)

24.06.2023, 21:00 – Rathausplatz

Erwin&Edwin © Elias Wassner

Powerful electro-brass is the main business of Austrian formation Erwin & Edwin for almost a decade now. They played on more than 200 stages of well-known international festivals. In 2019, their second album opened a completely new chapter with three new band members and fresh motivation. After a dance floor abstinence, the band reinvented themselves in the previous year and managed to jump into the rotation of radio stations with the single "IEA".
The appearance of Erwin & Edwin at Internationales Bläserfestival 2022 in Weil am Rhein got canceled by a rainstorm, so the band and organizers hope for better weather conditions at the second attempt this year.
Great vibes are guaranteed either way and musically the band can fall back on a large repertoire. A "greatest hits show" you could say - although the humble gentlemen would say "semi-greatest hits" to that. After years of back and forth between English and standard German, the formation has returned to Austrian dialect. As was once the case with the celebrated single "Nudlsuppn", they now sing again in the language that they also speak. “Back to the basics” if you will - also with regard to the live shows. Erwin & Edwin still don't allow themselves to be squeezed into genres, however. Their mission is still to make people of all kinds dance with their own music!