Stadtmusik Weil am Rhein

23.06.2023, 17:00 - Rathausplatz

Photo: Patricia Winkler

The 3-Country-City Festival will be opened on the Rathausplatz stage by Stadtmusik Weil am Rhein. It was founded in 1839 and with about 40 active musicians, it is one of the most important associations of the city. In addition to marches and classical brass music, Stadtmusik distinguishes itself above all with contemporary modern pieces. With its conductor Kai Trimpin, the young orchestra performs at many concerts and official events in Weil am Rhein throughout the year.

In the past, Stadtmusik Weil am Rhein has always opened Internationales Bläserfestival and this decades-long tradition will continue at 3-Country-City Festival.