Traktorkestar (CH)

22.06.2024, 19:30 – Rathausplatz

Photo: Tabea Hueberli

Trakorkestar is Post Balkan Brass from the heart of Switzerland. According to their own statement, the brass band from Bern offers "high-speed disco grooves, fanfare siren turbo and bloodshot heartache ballads as well as sky-high wistful melodies".
How does that sound? Great! Traktorkestar have been thrilling audiences for years with their contemporary interpretation of the Balkan genre. It's a real dance frenzy that the Swiss put their audience through.
Traktorkestar mixes their own sounds with those of the Balkans, building bridges between city and country, between tradition and modernity, and ultimately between Traktor and orchestra.
The first single was released in 2009, featuring an interpretation of the Bernese folk song "Vreneli ab em Guggisberg". In the same year, the band played for the first time at the Guca Festival in Serbia, where they performed repeatedly in the years that followed. Trakorkestar performs for the first time at the 3LSF in Weil am Rhein.