ShazaLaKazoo (SRB)

24.06.2023, 19:30 – Rathausplatz

ShazaLaKazoo © Tomasz Pienicki

The Balkans is often considered a crossroads. With its busy trade and cultural routes, it has connected the East with the West, and the North with the South for centuries.

Performances by ShazaLaKazoo from Serbia feel as if someone had set up a tent right at this crossroads and was having a wild and illegal wedding party there.

Singer and violinist Ailmilia Varanaki brings together with her three bandmates a fusion of Western sounds and Balkan beats to the stage. This is complemented by her Greek vocals. Electronic rhythms and basses that could come from the West or the North meet melodies produced by trumpets, violins and electronic clarinet sounds, suggesting origins from the East or the South. This unique musical mixture is what ShazaLaKazoo simply calls "Folkstep".